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Thread: Slow Copy/File transfer speeds And Programs Freezing

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    Default Slow Copy/File transfer speeds And Programs Freezing

    Whenever I copy files from really anywhere, my hard drive to someone else's, another laptop, external hard drive internal hard drive, I really doesn't matter what I copy to, it starts out fast, on my hard drive I'll get speeds about 50mb a second, and that will last for a minute or to and then the speed will simply die, slowing to anywhere from 25mb a second to a crawl of 3mb a second.

    Also I will end up having random programs freeze for no reason, from dragging mp3s into the media player ( which wont play them and I can't seem to find the right codecs ) even if I don't do that and just start the system monitor, and go to the main tab, it will freeze, firefox, might freeze if I try to close the download window.

    My computer's specs:

    hard drive 1: 7200rpm, 500gb, 450gb raid partition, roughly 50gb not formatted
    hard drive 2: 7200rpm, 750gb, 450gb raid partition, 15gb /boot partition, the rest not formatted.
    Raid 0 on both 450gb raid partitions, with ext4 mount point: /
    GFX Card: Nvidia 9600 gso
    Cpu AMD Athlon 5000+ Black Edition Dual core
    4gb of ram at 800mhz
    My windows hard drive is 320 gb with one ntfs partition. 7200rpm
    64bit version of OpenSuSE
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