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Thread: Problems shutting down machine

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    Default Problems shutting down machine

    I've just installed openSUSE 11.2 x86_64 on my laptop - HP Business Notebook 6710b. This is the first distro to do this, which is why I ask.

    Now, when it comes to shutting my machine down, it doesn't always do it. First thing I remembered was after initial installation, when it was meant to reboot, it just went to GDM, and I thought it must have booted before I saw it. But no, because I noticed this on some virtual installs I made also.

    When I come to shut it down, in Gnome, it just goes to the GDM screen. Sometimes it will shut down fine, and sometimes not. If I press the power button, it then asks me if I want to shut down and it just does it correctly.

    This also depends on the kernel. If I have the usual desktop one installed, then it will power off correctly at the end. But I use Xen on my notebook for a virtualised machine, and so need the Xen kernel. When I shut down with this, it just sticks right at the end when it says it will power off but never does it.

    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Problems shutting down machine

    There is topic about this problem on the forum, and there are bug reports at Check there.

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    Default Re: Problems shutting down machine

    Please change Boot loader to Kernel default. Try shutdown again.

    Xen problem?

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