Posted a script to modify the Grub menu for 13.2.
The default Grub menu display is so narrow, important info at the end of each Grub menu entry is truncated and not visible,
- For advanced options, you can't see the kernel version.
- For BTRFS snapshot versions, you can't see the date of the snapshot.

The script I created
- Widens the viewable display so the entire Menu entry can be seen.
- Slightly re-positions some elements
- Re-uses the existing background. But, the command to change background is simply commented out and can be enabled if someone wants to change the background image.
- Automatically makes a copy of the existing configuration. When you run the script the first time, this is the default configuration but should be renamed if you want a permanent copy of the default. The instructions to re-apply the default is included in the script comments.

This only changes the appearance and layout of the Grub menu, it has nothing to do with the text of the menu entries which is determined by the content in /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

Link to download the script at

Enjoy with less Grub menu guessing,