Hi again, everybody,

Another problem with Evolution. I had to reinstall my Linux and reused my /home/ partition with my old userid.

I upgraded from OpenSUSE 10.3 to OpenSUSE 11.2 and Evolution seemed fine until I tried to expunge messages.

I get a message in the bottom that says something like "Error trying to expunge messages". The result being that my inbox is littered with half-deleted messages. The only way I can get round this is to kill Evolution and run "find ~/.evolution/ -name "*index*" -delete". When I restart I can expunge and then everything is fine until the next time.

I'm suspecting there is corruption in the data or metadata that's causing Evo to get its pee in a froth.

Were there any files I should've deleted to let Evo rebuild them?

Another thing which leads me to think all is not well is when I click on the "To" or "CC" or "Bcc" button when addressing an email, every email address appears twice. Looking in the Address book everything is there exactly once.

Any ideas?