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Thread: GUI hangs while application access hard disk

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    Unhappy GUI hangs while application access hard disk

    I upgraded to opensuse 11.1 two mounth ago and now randomly I'm experinecing the following.
    The Gnome gui (2.26) is very very slow; I'm unable to choose an application from the System->Monitor menu item to know something about the running application.
    This happens while I have no particular applications running only Kmail is open.
    The acces-to-disk light is always on
    The only hint I get after switch to Ctrl+Alt+F2 and running
    ps ax
    is the IndexHelper background process of beagle.
    I killed it using
    kill nnnn
    but nothing changed.

    • Is it possible that the IndexHelper slow down my machine so abruptly?
    • Is there a way to know which is the application that access the hard disk from the line command?

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    Default Re: GUI hangs while application access hard disk

    In a terminal type: top
    Leap 15.1_KDE
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