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Thread: Quick question about updating to KDE 4.3.4

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    Default Quick question about updating to KDE 4.3.4

    Hi, just wanted a quick clarification about updating to KDE 4.3.4.

    When I switched system packages to KDE4 Stable repository using YAST, I noticed that some of the files being updated were of an older version (and highlighted in red). Does that mean that some files will be "downgraded"?

    Linux Newbie here .


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    Default Re: Quick question about updating to KDE 4.3.4

    * Anonymous1986,

    actually I wouldn't care. Just refer to the instructions here:


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    Default Re: Quick question about updating to KDE 4.3.4

    Further to Uwe's comment, I read on one of the mailing lists that SuSE-GmbH plan the "unprecidented" update to openSUSE-11.2, with an update of KDE from version 4.3.1 to version 4.3.4. typically such KDE updates are never done in openSUSE releases, but this will be an exception.

    So eventually, one will see version 4.3.4 of KDE in the "update" directory. .... I do not know the exact timing of that, as I have read it is still undergoing testing.

    Hence there will come a time when you do not need to use the "KDE stable" repository to get KDE-4.3.4 but rather can remove that repository and rely on the "update". ( ... as you can see I'm not a big fan of having too many respositories).

    I think the reason for this "unprecidented" move on SuSE-GmbH's part is to update openSUSE-11.2 to a KDE configuration close to that planned for SLED-11 (where SLED is the commercial SuSE Enterprise Desktop). Hence this should actually save work for SuSE-GmbH and also provide more feedback on KDE problems relevant to supporting SLED.

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