What exactly does this mean? A Google search didn't reveal a whole lot about this. I've noticed in 11.2 that when (for example) I enter my root password to install updates, a little key icon appears in the tray. If I click it (which I did, by mistake ), the updates won't finish, so this obviously drops the root privileges for the updater applet. (I say "obviously," I should say, "I guess.")

For the record, I always choose a separate root password for system administration. Just personal preference.

While I'm on a roll, one other thing has puzzled me for some time now (dating back to my Mandrake 7.0 days with KDE 2): the little "keep this password" checkbox when you enter the root password. Once again, online help hasn't been very informative. What exactly does this do? Why is this even an option, and when would I want it? I've tried clicking it and leaving it unclicked and can't see any difference in how anything behaves.

Neither is anything even close to a Big Deal(tm), I'm just curious.