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Thread: SuseUpdater authorization dialog

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    Default SuseUpdater authorization dialog

    Hello, I have just a question about the dialog, which pops up to enter my password when the update applet offers new updates/patches: why is this an GTK-Window/Dialog??? I'am using KDE and wondering about this alien

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    *bump* no Idea?

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    JosephKK NNTP User

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    On Sun, 20 Dec 2009 13:46:01 GMT, opue <> wrote:

    >*bump* no Idea?

    From what i have seen yast is a collection of system tools that are maintained
    by a variety of people and groups. Of these some prefer Gnome and some prefer
    KDE. Thus in most installs, all of Qt and all of GTK get installed by default.

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    palladium NNTP User

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    opue wrote:
    > *bump* no Idea?

    i _guess_ you are asking because you don't like the way it looks and
    can't change its skin (show stopper for you is it?)

    future desires for openSUSE are welcomed here:

    log yours into OpenFATE and don't be surprised if the ability to
    change the look and feel of the root login thingy is not the very next
    feature added..


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