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Thread: Kmail, a minor annoyance..

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    Question Kmail, a minor annoyance..

    It's not a show-stopper, but.....
    When I click on a link in an email it opens in a new tab in FF, which is what I want, but I want the kmail window to remain on top so I can finish reading my mail, and THEN go to FF and read today's traffic on the forums etc. Any way to force Kmail to remain on top and active whilst and after processing a link?

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    Default Re: Kmail, a minor annoyance..

    Try this.
    Right click the top of the kmail window decor. Like in this example I have included of me doing it in FFox.
    There are loads of settings in there, so if that doesn't work look around: (like in Special Window and Special Application settings...
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