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Thread: firefox 3.5 repository is not supporting on opensuse 11.1

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    Default firefox 3.5 repository is not supporting on opensuse 11.1

    i added following repository in my opensuse 11.1

    Index of /repositories/mozilla/openSUSE_11.1
    and upgraded firefox to 3.5 version.but this version is not supporting in opensuse 11.1.
    problem is when i click on the firefox applicatopn icon. it jumps but does not start.

    plz solve my problem.
    thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: firefox 3.5 repository is not supporting on opensuse 11.

    Try to start it from terminal and post the result here:

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    Default Re: firefox 3.5 repository is not supporting on opensuse 11.

    Very often this can mean also that an instance of Firefox crashed and is in the memory blocking a new instance to start. It should then work normally the next time you log in. If this happens again in the future,you can try the following to find out if this happened:
    Open a terminal (that is the "black monitor icon" that should be the last icon in your preferred application list in the start menu).
    In the terminal write top
    try to see if one of the programs running there is Firefox.
    If it is it should have a PID number. That is a number identifying the process.
    Once you know that number you open another tab in the terminal and there you write kill XXXX where the X stand for the number of the process you want to end. If the instance of Firefox that crashed is i.e. Firefox pid 3300 you would write kill 3300. Then try to restart Firefox.
    Btw. this can happen with any program so the top command is a handy helper to have a look on what is going on with you processes.

    If with the top command you do not have any process of Firefox running and still it doesn't start, you can try as described above. Whenever you have a problem with a program, typing the name in terminal will give you a clue about the nature of the problem occurring while the system is trying to start it.
    Let us know.
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