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Thread: Kde crash on startup

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    Default Kde crash on startup

    Hello gurus

    I have a problem. I have reported it to the but they sent me here for advice.

    Here is the link and everything related to.

    Thanks for advices.

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    Default Re: Kde crash on startup

    from your link, i am assuming that this install was previously working since the plasmoids were installed into plasma. Did you do an upgrade?

    it's been my experience that upgrades occasionally break because of incompatible plasmoids (not compiled for the version upgrade) and changes in plasma (or plasma-desktop) config files structure.

    from a console login move (or delete) plasma files:

    mv ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma* /somewhere/to/backup

    then exit and start a normal session with the default desktop. Check and upgrade plasmoid rpms from repos/webpin/buildservice to make sure you have compatible editions for the version you are using now, then add them one at a time to see which (something causing net access judging from the debug) causes the crash.

    hopefully, they will all install and run without problems. if not, you will have identified the culprit.

    good luck.

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