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    I've switched to OpenSuse 11.2 last month from Linux Mint. I'm running KDE 4.3 and using compiz as my window manager. Generally the experience has been a good one, but there are a few bugs which while not critical, are minor annoyances and I would like to fix. Some might be more simple than others to solve, but even if I can get rid of a few, that will make the experience smoother.

    - System Tray not displaying docked applications:
    When I close Amarok or Pidgin they still run, but no icon is displayed in the system tray. The only icons I see are Volume Control, Network Connection, KWallet, and Notifications.

    - Pidgin Keyring problem:
    This is mainly a problem with running a Gnome app in KDE. Pidgin uses keyring to store my password and not the Wallet. This means I have to enter 2 passwords to get my stuff running, which is a pain. Is there a way to simply disable the keyring? I guess another option would be using Kopete but I don't really like the interface and hate the notifications

    - window decorator around panel:
    Randomly I'll reboot my computer or something, and suddenly there's a window decoration around the panel and no way to get rid of it. Right now it's there and a reboot did not remove it. I'm guessing this might be a Compiz problem.

    - Wi-Fi randomly does not work:
    Sometimes I'll boot my computer and the Wi-Fi won't work. A reboot usually fixes this for me. However I think this might be a hardware issue, since I've had the same problem in Windows. However it's never happened in Ubuntu based distributions.

    Finally I was wondering if there's a script I could run to automatically mount all drives (including NTFS) on boot.

    That's about it. I guess I sound like I'm whining a lot but I've enjoyed my experience with OpenSuse so far. However these bugs take away from the experience. I hate having to reboot all the time to fix these problems, since I usually run my computer 24/7.

    Thanks for any help or advice you can give me.

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    Use Kwin as windows manager, KDE 4 have builtin the same effects as compiz

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    Default Re: Problems with OpenSuse

    Agree with VampirID and was just going to ask you why Compiz with KDE4? There can be good reasons (I do it myself on a work machine which just refuses to run KWin but is fine with Compiz) but generally speaking it's asking for trouble.

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    Well, Kwin is horribly slow on my system and I'd read somewhere Compiz was faster. I tried it out and indeed it was. Kwin was really slow to minimize/maximize especially. And the effects aren't really customizable. I don't know. Maybe I should switch back and try to fix the problems with kwin?

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