How do I disable "switch user" in KDM & GDM? When my computer is locked in screen saver mode, I do not want it to be unlocked by allowing anyone to login as a different user.

I am using 11.2.

Just my rant,
I have been a KDE user for years. Though Gnome has always been great, I just preferred the way KDE worked. A couple of years ago KDE seemed to be getting a bit heavy. Too much eye candy is my guess. I like what they are doing, but don't want to invest the ram. I have been using XFCE since 10.3, and have been very pleased. It is nearly as clean as KDE, very similar, but also quicker and cleaner. I wanted to see how Gnome was in this release, and just tried the new version. I am very impressed! I have to say it is slick! I don't understand all of hubbub back during the release of the "orphan child" syndrome. Gnome is awesome in openSUSE 11.2. The options to use what ever gui you want have always been available, and the dedication to each shows. Thanks to the team for some great work!!!