Hello All
Is it possible to "look under the hood" what an application does, when it is started up?

I want to see what an application does like:
- Which (child)processes are fired up
- Which files are opened by which process
- What is being written, read from those files

1. Do you kow if there are any tools on OpenSuse Linux that offer the same abilities like Windows SysInternals:
- Disk Monitor: (file io traffic visualizer)

DiskMon for Windows

- Process Explorer (process-architecture visualizer)

Process Monitor

Right know the only tool i use is the TOP at the command line for processes and or disk-traffic and file-IO i have not found any tool (yet)

2. Can this be done by installing and launching an application INSIDE a application_level sandbox? of virtual machine?

Thanks for your hints, tips, tricks and advise
Regards Ronald