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Thread: Kontact won's start

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    I have noticed that Kontact from time to time simply won't start, or better yet, sometimes when trying to close it, it closes the window but "kontact" process hangs. Subsequential attempts to start Kontact fail. A simple "killall kontact" helps.

    Any ideas? The problem occurs once or twice a day, but I really cannot tell what would be the cause.

    My setup is vanilla opensuse 11.2 with appropriate KDE4 (I didn't perform any upgrades yet, but there's no upgrade package for kontact anyway)

    Davor Čengija

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    Kontact will not start a new instance if an instance is already running. So, if your previous instance was not shutdown (or hung), a new instance won't come up.
    However, you need to investigate further too see why it is not exiting. One way is to start the program from the command line and see if you get any messages there when you exit the program.
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