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Thread: ACPI and Fan Control

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    Default ACPI and Fan Control

    I have been having these annoying issues since I initially installed Linux(First distro, Fedora) onto my Toshiba L305D-S59222. I was currently on KDE 4.3.4 and just updated to the beta version 4.4, I'm hopping that would fixed my powerdevile issue of not properly detecting my AC Adapter *connected* state. When I unplug the Laptop, PowerDevil continues to say it's still connected and when the power drains completely, the computer shuts off without going to sleep like it's supposed to. I also have another issue with Fan speed, my Laptop tends to over heat not often but on a occasion. I had heard from another user with the same report(Over Heating), a bit newer Toshiba Laptop but with the same hardware. Where the Fan speed does not increase when the load increases. I'm investigating but I notice that:

    comp1:/proc/acpi/fan/FAN1 # cat *                                                                               
    status:                  off
    The Fan is running but like I said above, it stays constant. I don't know what to do from here, I've been Google'n and I get results like: fancontrol, lm-sensors, or ACPI.

    Isn't this done automatically or does someone has to set it up manually?

    P.S. The fan is running, Thank you

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    Default Re: ACPI and Fan Control

    Just a piece of advice: there's too many issues here, plus the complication of using KDE 4.4 beta which not too many people here use as yet. If you want help do this:

    1. separate the issues and start one threat for each.
    2. revert to a more standard setup which people here have experience with.

    Then you might get somewhere...

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