hello, people.

i just really need to say that Firefox sucks. (!!!)

since the last couple FF updates on my 11.0 system, and the current version on this 11.2 system, it has been seriously disappointing.
on the 11.0, there were a ridiculous number of crashes.
on this 11.2, there arent as many crashes, but the video is TRASH...trying to watch video on Hulu, for example, is like watching old school projection animation! stop motion animation! flipping through a hand-drawn animation booklet!
it is the most annoying thing. that and the 'buttons' on the hulu site not responding to my mouse commands when i want them to..

so, my questions are:
first, is there anything that can be done about the wacky jerky video in FF?
second, is there any other well-functioning web browser that i could use besides FF?

also, when i run video, my laptop heats up extremely. it'll go as hot as 80 degrees celsius.

aahhh...the annoyances.

thanks again, and again, and ahead of time again, Op.Su. folk!