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Thread: firefox vs. chromium vs. ???

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    Default Re: firefox vs. chromium vs. ???

    Well I don't have much experience with ATI tbh, but as far as I know there are basically three "good" drivers depending on your card.

    Radeon is the default driver for most chipsets (non-legacy and some legacy ones)

    RadeonHD the one for the "HD" ATI card's

    Flgrx the ATI binary driver's. Those afaik are for "later" series cards and can be quite a pain in the neck on a lot of distros.

    OpenSuse actually have a pageHere

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    Default Re: firefox vs. chromium vs. ???

    thanks...i somehow missed that page.
    ..and it seems that everything driver-wise is as good as it will get for now. i guess this means that if anything needs to get better, it will be on the order of flash support... i'm good.

    btw....over the course of dealing with this issue today, i've seen people posting problems about their intense frustration with opensuse 11.x, and running away to ubuntu, or ??.linux, bichn back to windows....i just dont understand. ever since installing 11.0, and running a complete linux laptop setup (using an xp desktop for backups and playing Civilization), any issues that have surfaced have been resolved usually within a day. most of these issues have been moreso annoyances than major problems.
    i'm using an old Dell Latitude C640 (my mother's old work computer), with 512MB ram and 55GB hd....nothing spectacular, right? ...i just dont understand why so many people with "better" systems are having sooo many problems.
    thanks very much to the wonderful Op.Su. community! i would be totally nowhere. each time an issue arose, someone ALWAYS has some useful advice ready, or would otherwise work on the issue as if it was their own.
    (...and kudos to me for being smart enough to choose opensuse over the other distros!)

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    Unhappy Re: firefox vs. chromium vs. ???


    4 or 5 vids with little to no jerkyness doesnt mean that the issue is solved.
    ....the issue is not solved.

    unless someone has a suggestion, i will revert to my tried and true method of linux resolution...
    i'll let the chameleon inside this laptop work it out..


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