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Thread: can't find qwebview

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    Question can't find qwebview

    Hello all,

    Im trying a python tutorial in Eric IDE, I need to make a small webbrowser. For that I also need a qwebview widget but I cant find that one in the qt designer. I have installed all QT files, except for scim and vlc-qt. For python I installed everything thru rpm groups in the list of python under languages. when I search for python I see many more python files, does anyone know if I might need to install some of those? and wich one?

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    I noticed Qt Creator is for Qt3? QWebView was added in Qt4.

    You could try to just manually create it, in Qt Jambi ( Java / don't know Python) it's something like
    QWebView webView = new QWebView();
    someLayout.addWidget( webView );
    If you just need a .ui file try installing Qt Creator.
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