I am trying to setup a LDAP Server to let my applications (like wiki, phpbb, ...) authenticate against ldap.

openSuSe 11.1
OpenLdap 2.x (provided by software management)
KDE 4.x

Yast provides an gui interface to setup and configure the ldap server, which I used.
Normally, based on most documentation I have read, the configuration file is /etc/openldap/slapd.conf.

This file contains a message, that yast will use a different method to configure ldap.
# Note: The OpenLDAP configuration has been created by YaST. YaST does not
# use /etc/openldap/slapd.conf to store the OpenLDAP configuration anymore.
# YaST uses OpenLDAP's dynamic configuration database (back-config) to
# store the LDAP server's configuration.
Question 1:
Does anyone know where yast stores the configuration? I was unable to find out so far!

Background reason for my question:
I wanted to add some entries to my ldap directory based on an example I found in the net.

See parts of the ldif-file to add:
dn: cn=users,ou=group,o=xxx
cn: users
objectClass: top
objectClass: posixGroup
gidNumber: 100
memberUid: larry
memberUid: moe
ldapadd does not accept the objectClass posixGroup.

After some investigation I am nearly sure, the reason is the missing "nis schema" in the configuration for the ldap server.

When I add the nix schema via the yast gui, it creates an error message where yast cannot write to the config file.

It is definitly not a access violation question since all other changes in the configuration via yast can be stored and take effect.

I guess, it is a conflict between the various schema already included in the configuration, probably.

Therefore, I would like to know where yast stores the configuration of the ldap server to have a look at in more detail.

Thanks if someone can help.