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Thread: LCD Weather station problem!

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    Default LCD Weather station problem!

    Hi I m opensuse 11.2 user and upgraded the system with KDE434 from stable and backport repositories of OPENSUSE repos.

    Well my problem is that I m living in Ankara, Turkey and cant find the city in LCD weather station's channels; BBC, Env. Canada and NOAA. I read some topics about the problem tells there is a bug and we should wait for the fix.

    Where can I check the fix release and where is the homepage of the plasmoid that I can download?

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    Default Re: LCD Weather station problem!


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    Default Re: LCD Weather station problem!

    This has been talked about on the KDE forum.

    I believe there have been some api changes that broke the weather providers.

    It is (I believe) fixed in trunk and will hopefully be backported.

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