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    Default kde crashes

    I seem to experience an awful lot of crashes with KDE 4 in opensuse 11.2. So much so that i've moved to XFCE for productivity's sake. It's rather annoying having to reboot twice or more just to browse the web. Lately the desktop just ground to a full stop. I first tried disabling all eye-candy but the failures kept appearing.
    Thank god xfce isn't suffering the same problems. I was seriously contemplating moving on to win7 because of my repeated troubles with linux- KDE.

    I can't seem to find any information on how to research the cause of my problems. Maybe this is a common problem in KDE because I,ve also encountered similar crashes in mandriva 2010. I won't even discuss Ubuntu. It hates my pc. Not once have i managed to install it properly.

    Any pointers?

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    Default Re: kde crashes

    It certainly isn't a common problem. I've been using KDE4.2.n every day since the beginning of the year and I have had a handful of Plasma crashes in that time.

    You probably need to give some more details of exactly when and how it crashes to get more helpful advice.

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    Check RAM with memtest.

    Check the installation medium.

    Update the BIOS.

    Maybe install the 32 bit version.

    Boot in failsafe mode and work some time.

    Look for messages in /var/log/messages

    Boot with noapic, nolapic, acpi=off settings.

    It is likely a motherboard issue. Consider replacing the motherboard.

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    Default Re: kde crashes

    Thank you for all the tips.

    The installation medium's fine.
    Bios is latest. I allready switched from 64 to 32-bit. Acpi is allways off otherwise i can't even get started.
    Can't find anything in /var/log/messages/

    I'll look into the apic functions and i'll definetely check the memory.


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    Default Re: kde crashes


    I've found that having conflicting KDE repositories does this. Check if you have more than one KDE repository in your repository list. I, for example had both the Factory and the Unstable and that caused conflicting versions of programs which caused crashes.

    Removing the UNSTABLE and reinstalling fixed the problem!

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    I will definetely try this. I had the susebuild repos for kde enabled. I removed them and completely renstalled kde.

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