hi all,
im using suse 11.1 installed in core 2 duo processor..my laptop is an ASUS K501N series laptop. Im having a dual boot with windows XP and OpenSUSE 11.1.(hope this info help)..im trying to obtain the cpu usage for my program from suse 11.1, so i tried using the system monitor application and it shows that the CPU usage for my program is 49%...the problem is, when i type the "top" command in the console, the CPU usage for my program shows a shocking 99%..i even tried displaying the system monitor and the "Top" command together, but the cpu usage for my program still displays 49%and the top is 99%..My question is?

1.Why is there a difference on CPU percentage between the "top" command display and the system monitor display ?
2.Which CPU Percentage should i observe?
3.Does Core 2 duo processor caused it to differ?
4.Does linux (SUSE 11.1) only uses 1 processor?
5.If No.4 Question ans is Yes, how to "ask"(any perticular command) to use both processor?
6.How to obtain the CPU usage for a perticular program?
hope any1 can help me in this matter?