I want to configure opensuse 11.2 as openldap server. later I want to add both xp as well as windows 7 as its clients.What are the detail steps for this. On opensuse 10.3 I configured above said setup,however there is a problem with windows7 which is not getting added to it. So I decided to upgrade opensuse 10.3 to 11.2 and then later thinking of reconfiguring the whole setup again.
On opensuse 10.3 I used two rpm's
1)smbldap-installer and 2)smbldap-tools
however both are compatible with openldap and opensuse 11.2 is using openldap2.
Can anyone tell me which are the 2 rpms, those are comaptible with openldap2

Or is there any other way of configuration of openldap server...