Hello all. First post and I'd like to start by thanking all here. Twelve years ago computers became necessary for my business. I knew, and now know marginally more than, nothing about computers, but I did know when I was paying through the nose for a half baked recycled piece of garbage. So I started building my own machines and running Linux. For the last ten years I've kept one isolated Windows machine that I need to run exactly one app on, and have relied entirely on Suse for everything else. Now I have three office machines, two notebooks, three machines for my three kids, and one for my wife, all running opensuse. And the only way I could have done it was by coming to this site. Literally hundreds of problems solved! You've no idea how much time I've spent lurking here. This one I can't find an answer to.

On this Box:

AMD X4 965 CPU
NVidia GeForce 9500 GT GPU


opensuse 11.2 (x86_64)
KDE 4.3.1
NVidea drivers installed "the easy way"

I am unable to get the vast majority of desktop effects to work regardless of compositing type. Some do work, and in general 2D and 3D seem fine. Thanks for everything, past and future.