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Thread: Laptop Touchpad clicking

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    Can anyone tell me how to turn off touchpad clicking in OpenSuSe 11.2?
    In 11.1 it was done in the Xorg.conf file but 11.2 does not have this file.

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    X -configure
    and a xorg.conf will be generated...then add the clicking-off magic to


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    If you have a Synaptics touchpad, then there is another method that doesn't involve messing with Xorg settings.

    Create this file as 'touchpad-off' in /usr/bin, root-owned, with permissions 755:

    # touchpad-off - bash script to turn the synaptics touch pad off
    # synclient TouchpadOff=1
    # Alternatively, only disable scrolling and tapping
    synclient TouchpadOff=2
    Then put a link to that file in your Autostart folder (~.kde4/Autostart)

    Disable the touchpad completely with the TouchpadOff=1 setting, or only disable the scrolling and tapping functions with the TouchpadOff=2 setting. The second setting lets you use the touchpad, without the objectionable cursor movements that happen while using the keyboard.

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