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Thread: OpenSuse 11.2 and OpenSwan

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    Default OpenSuse 11.2 and OpenSwan

    Hi Comm.,

    can anybody tell me why there is still no OpenSwan Packkage under 11.2 avaiable? Under 11.1 all was fine but now there is only strongswan and no more openswan. Also the fact i was not able to find any information about this issue is confusing. I hope anybody can give me a real answer about this.

    With Kind Regards Andreas Rehmer

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    is there anybody who can provide me with the Information in my last Post? I tried Google and different Mailing Lists but i do not get an good answer about this. Especially why the OpenSwan Package is no longer available. I hope anybody can tell me something.

    With Kind Regards

    Andreas Rehmer

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