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Thread: pidgin-libnotify compilation question.

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    Default pidgin-libnotify compilation question.

    Hello everybody.

    Yesterday I tried to compile (I don't know if it's well written, I speak spanish ) pidgin-libnotify. Everything was ok (resolved the dependencies), but the plugin was installed in english language.

    I checked the source code, and it had many language files... So the question is: how can i compile the plugin in spanish? or: how can I configure the installed plugin so it uses spanish?

    As a side note, i checked that the language in the system was set to spanish (es_mx), and followed the instructions in the source code.

    Also, if someone has some links to tutorials on how to compile apps for opensuse, please share it with me .

    By the way, i'm using openSUSE 11.2, GNOME desktop.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: pidgin-libnotify compilation question.

    A few months later, I'm now using oS 11.3 but empathy didn't fit my needs, so I installed pidgin and complety removed empathy.

    I find the contact notificatiosn very useful because i didn't notice the icon change in pidgin, often, So I started (again) to look for a solution and found, with trial and error, the next:

    1.- I downloaded the pidgin-libnotify rpm for fedora. The exact name of the rpm is pidgin-libnotify-0.14-3.fc12.x86_64.rpm.

    2.- Right clicked ir and selected "extract here", so it make a folder with some subfolders.

    3. I copy the files of the extracted rpm to the corresponding folders in the installed system, starting nautilus as root:

    - /usr/lib64/purple-2/
    - the folder "pidgin-libnotify-0.14" in /usr/share/doc/
    -, ok the extracted rpm located in /locale/es/LC-MESSAGES/ to /locale/es/LC-MESSAGES/

    4. Activate the addon in pidgin.

    I hope this help someone out there .

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