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Thread: Separate 32 bit firefox with 32 bit java

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    Long story short I am trying to make Juniper Network VPN work. The client utilises some JAVA component that are run from the website. Unfortunately there is no support for 64 bit system and the command-line route does not seem to work prompting me with wrong credentials. I can't get any support from my local IT department as they support only the "website-route". On a 32 bit Ubuntu of my friend the service work flawlessly.

    Therefore I came with an idea to install on my openSUSE 64 bit 11.2, KDE 4.3.1 a 32 bit firefox with 32 bit Java.

    Please tell me if it is possible to install 32 bit Firefox with 32 bit Java and retain the 64 bit version. I need 32 bit Firefox only for this VPN issue.

    Any assistance: link or piece of advice will be much appreciated.

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    If any other Puzzled Pinguin is looking to solve a similar issue then let him have a look at this note:

    Java/How To use Java with Firefox on 64-bit openSuSE 10.3 - openSUSE

    Very straightforward. Works with 11.2. The only additional thing I had to do is to install a 32 bit glib libraries.

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