i've done a fresh install of opensuse 11.2 gnome.
i could not find the education repository (i need blue fish) in the community repositories list.
any ideas?
i also could not find deluge and xara in repos.
my download method was via bittorrent at first. i could not find the education repo and i also could not drag and change the position of windows on the applications panel. then i remembered that when i had downloaded 11.1 via bittorent, i had opensuse working with this sort of mistakes too.
then i downloaded it using a direct link. i still can't find the repo. and at this time fonts rendering is just terrible! i still can't find deluge (i guess it used to be in the pacman directory). haven't looked for xara. the default theme (which is ugly imo) after i changed it appers in the list, but it says the theme is not installed!
is anyone having the same problems with opensuse 11.2 gnome as me?
i do hope all these are happening because of the couple of scratches on my cd-rw.