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Thread: Yast2 Add new printer configuration

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    Default Yast2 Add new printer configuration

    Opensuse 11.2

    Trying to use yast to add a new hp c8180
    which sits on the network.
    The wizard sees the printer at the correct ip address but adding the ppd times out after 15%.
    The 3 buttons marked : Search,More Drivers and Add Driver appear useless.
    I have the printer driver on the disk
    and manually feed the path into Add Driver dialog box, but after pressing ok the wizard again tries to retrieve and then times out.

    Thanks for any ideas


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    Default Re: Yast2 Add new printer configuration

    You could just use the CUPS web interface
    CUPS - Explained - openSUSE Forums

    I find it works much better actually.
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    Default Re: Yast2 Add new printer configuration

    Are you trying to connect via wireless?

    If so, please see my post#19 here:
    HP WLAN capable inkjet printers under Linux ? - openSUSE Forums

    Please also ensure you have hplip installed.

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