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Thread: Odd KDE root privilige bug

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    Default Odd KDE root privilige bug

    Today, for some reason, after fresh installation of my openSuse 11.2 (64 bit) from Live-KDE CD, I noticed that my clock is two hours earlier than it should be. I thought "oh well, I guess I screwed some settings while on the process of installation" and decided to fix "supposedly very simple issue".
    However, as usual, my mind slipped from one task to another like a silly fish, and I started to wander around in the area of KDE settings panel (again I don't even remember how I got there). I know some people will say: "why not use Yast", look back and reread "fish" part.
    Anyways... after this long and sad story, I noticed something very odd. Now before any further explanation, I must say that I'm using a root password that is 10 characters and numbers mix (supposedly safe). Back to the topic again, (did I mention I'm started to feel like fish again?) I fired up Time and date settings inside KDE settings panel. Adjusted my time back to what it is supposed to be, voila... NOT! "Wrong root password". Naturally, one would feel he/she (hmm still debating about feminist/sexist linux community?) entered wrong password accidentally. Hence, I re-entered the password again, re-entered again, re-entered again, this process ended with me thinking "what is going on?". Thus, I opened up my terminal and got super user privilage to run kwrite with good old "sudo" command. VOILA! It works.

    Now what I don't understand is, while normal Yast program from Kickoff/Lancelot/bash command works with proper root privilages, why does KDE settings panel do not understand that I'm actually entering the proper password?

    Couple of ideas that popped into my head are;
    Password too long?
    Password is kept with "Blowfish" (adjusted from initial installation), is it something about it?
    This computer doesn't like me and produce odd bugs?

    Any help, comment, feedback welcomed. If there is no solution for this issue, it will probably won't be a big deal other than an annoying and sometimes frustrating issue (I will probably forget this issue, or it will haunt me with a more major screw-up, again will forget or won't connect that screw up with this).

    Cheers, and regards.

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    Default Re: Odd KDE root privilige bug

    I'm guessing you are a silly fish with fat fins.
    Apart from that could be a field length problem.
    I have a winders app that won't accept passwords beyond
    8 characters, although it will let you create one. :-)

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