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Thread: Weird behavior while installing/updating packages...

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    Red face Weird behavior while installing/updating packages...

    When I run YaST2 on OpenSUSE 11.2, no matter if I'm installing or updating packages, the tool seems to run fine and suddenly quits after applying changes.

    Here come some questions:

    1. For both situations (installing and updating packages), how can I make it so that the program is not closed after the installation, so I can keep on installing other packages?

    2. About online update, if I choose for it to show all available fixes, it shows a small list of packages to be updated (around 12). Some marked with a black box, some other blank. No matter the selection I make, after I click to apply the updates, the tool finishes the updating process, and opening again the online update, the same updates are still there, like if they were not installed. Is it really supposed to behave like that?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Weird behavior while installing/updating packages...

    Yast does close down the package manager when it's done. You can change this:
    YAST - System - /etc/sysconfig Editor:
    Choose option "restart"

    Do this in a terminal for me:

    zypper lr -d

    zypper lu
    post result
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