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Thread: Ellipsis in bash?

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    There used to be a third party command shell called 4dos which was more Unixy. Now that pure DOS machines are nearly all in museums I have no idea if it will work under Windows whatever. I see it has been released as freeware, but apparently it's not allowed to compile it for anything but freedos:

    4DOS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    camper365 wrote:
    > whenever I'm at school in Programming class I want to type ls instead of
    > dir.

    what you need is "Hamilton C shell" which adds standard *nix commands
    to Redmond software..

    more? see:

    disclosure: i'm not financially associated with that programmer and
    i've never tried the software (have no game system to try it on)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry_Nichols View Post
    when I use a Windows machine, I sometimes find myself typing Linux/UNIX commands.
    Hah! So do I!

    I've actually created batch files for "ls" and "mv" on some of the Windows machines at work. I got tired of, "command not found!"

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    Now if only the school system would let me install some of those programs. Then again, these are the sysops who refused to upgrade the Java compiler until the College Board threatened to take away the school's entire certification to teach AP classes. The compiler was free.
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