I've been using multi-monitors for going on 11 years and let me say it's
worlds better today that in the past.

Nevertheless, I have had an issue where if one connector is DVI and the
other is VGA, it seems by default that in the case of two LCD's that the one
connected via VGA will show up identified as a CRT. There is an odd side
effect to this, in that, the system (either x11 or the driver) will set the
VGA connected device to be the default device. At present I have been
unable to find a way to change this behavior. My solution on my office
machine was to physically rearrange the monitors. However, I have a
situation where they cannot be moved and I really need the default monitor
to be the DVI connected device. No amount of tweakage via the GUI's has
created the layout I need....so before I go off into xorg.conf hackage I
thought I would ask here first.