I have a new external harddisk (formatted with ext4), which I can plug to my laptop running openSUSE 11.2 with KDE SC (from the KDE43 repo) with USB2 or e-SATA respectively.

When plugging it in with the USB cord, the hard-disk shows up in the device manager in my plasma panel. Clicking on it, mounts the device as expected. When I plug the same device via e-SATA, the device manager asks me for the root password when I click on the device icon. After entering the password the device mounts and works as expected.

I think, that even if the device is plugged via e-SATA it should behave like an ordinary USB2 mass storage device (i.e. should not ask for a password). My question is: Is this a KDE SC, udev, ... bug (or feature?)?