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Thread: 11.1 start up programs

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    Quote Originally Posted by provinceautomation View Post
    Thank you for the help. I found where to address my automatic login problem. That was odd that it changed...? The script is working as well. Thanks.
    You are welcome. Enjoy
    Henk van Velden

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    On 11/30/2009 06:06 AM, hcvv wrote:
    > Every user has his own environment. Try to stop thinking MS Windoze.
    > Linux is a multi user, multi thread system.

    Well, Windows behaves exactly like Linux in this regard, albeit with
    slightly different names for things.

    In Windows, each user has their own 'profile' where they can have a
    custom tailored startup routine. They can have whatever they want in
    their startup folder. Or nothing. And what they put in there is
    independent of what is in anybody else's folder.

    There's also an 'all users' profile but nothing has to be in it. It can
    be used or not depending on requirements.

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    Juneau, Alaska
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