I have openSUSE 11.2, KDE4.3.3 on my system. This weekend I installed Oracle 11gR1 on my system, the installation went on smoothly. I could connect to my database after installation from Konsole as well as SQL-Developer. I also wanted to install the COBOL pre-compiler. So I also installed Oracle Client for 11gR1. The installation for this also got over smoothly.

But, when I invoked the pre-compiler (procob) from konsole it said that it could not find some ".so" file. The file was present in Oracle lib directory ( which existed in $ORACLE_HOME path). So I ran "ldconfig $path_of_oracle_lib_directory". After that procob worked fine. But since then I am not able to connect to Oracle instance from SQLDeveloper. It gave me some "Network Adapter Could not connect" error.

Has anyone some solution to this problem... Please ask me if more information is needed from my side...