back in a different operating system i could have a "web work folder"
where i could place a link to a drawing program and another link to a
photo editor, and another link to an HTML authoring program and when i
wanted to do some "web site work" all i had to do was open that folder
and up would pop (running) those three applications exactly as they
were running the last time i closed the folder..

i could (and did) also have a "writing folder" where there was a link
to a word processor, a dictionary, a thesaurus, links to previous
work, etc etc...same thing, when i opened the folder my tools were
automatically launched....and, when i closed the folder the word
processor 'remembered' its status while it closed down...and, next
time i opened that work folder everything launched and was ready to
continue where the last session ended..

the various folders one might have for various tasks was limitless..

is there a way to do that in Linux?