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Thread: How do I really change the host name? (11.2)

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    Default How do I really change the host name? (11.2)


    I suspect that my old host name is still unchanged somewhere in the system after a name change. I think this because the KDE mail client complains that the certificate name doesn't match my server name. (But the mail client still lets me accept the "wrong-name-certificate, so I can access my imaps mail.)

    Where else must I change the host name except:
    /etc/hosts w ipv6
    Yast//Network Devices//Network Setting?

    Is there an rc.conf "kind of file" somewhere that I can't find?

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards


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    Default Re: How do I really change the host name? (11.2)

    The server name is inside the certificate used by the IMAP server. Might be simplest to regenerate the certificate.

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