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Thread: ALSA error in Wine/PyLotRO

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    Default ALSA error in Wine/PyLotRO

    I have been working on getting Dungeons and Dragons online working with Wine, and I have the game working perfectly except there is no sound. I am using a program called PyLotRO that works along side Wine to help log in to the servers. I get a few errors in the log box that pops up for PyLotRO which I believe is showing the output from wine, but I am not positive. The errors are below:

    ALSA lib PCM_dmix.c:975: (SND_PCM_dmix_open) unable to create IPC semaphore


    AL lib:alsa.c:344: Could not open playback device 'default': permission denied.

    Sound works fine in other Wine programs I use, and for anything else.

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    Default Re: ALSA error in Wine/PyLotRO

    Well all the sudden it is working now and I don't get the second error. I am still curious as to what might cause that error in case it happens in the future again though.

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