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Thread: gwenview/kde3 in Gnome

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    Default gwenview/kde3 in Gnome

    Running Gnome desktop, KDE is installed but not in use.
    I've installed Gwenview and Gwenview KDE4 (Yast)
    When I start Gwenview in Gnome the thumbnails are below the picture and I cannot change this.
    However there is an option on the right panel to open a viewer - open with: and a list of apps. one of them Gwenview but the other called Gwenview/KDE3 clicking this Gwenview starts as in the KDE with the thumbnails on the right panel. which expands the picture on view
    However I cannot start Gwenview/KDE3 directly.
    How can I start Gwenview in KDE mode in Gnome. or what syntax has to be changed in the starter (on gnome the syntax is:gwenview %u -caption "%c" %i %m )to start Gwenview as in the KDE ?


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    Default Re: gwenview/kde3 in Gnome


    I removed them all. then only installed gwenview and NOT gwenview KDE4
    Now it all works fine, I tried it he other way around but probably the KDE4 version is older.


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