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Thread: 11.2 and KDE w/ OpenOffice Writer and Klipper

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    Default 11.2 and KDE w/ OpenOffice Writer and Klipper

    Clear the Klipper clip board history.

    Open two different instances of OpenOffice Writer (two separate entries on the task bar). In one of them type the word test and highlight it and leave it that way. Now using the mouse pointer try switching between these two different OpenOffice Writers on the task bar. There shouldn't be much of a switching delay if any, going either way.

    Now go to the OpenOffice Writer with "test" highlighted. Hit the <ctrl>C (copy) key about five times rapidly, then immediately click the mouse on the other OpenOffice Writer on the task bar. I am seeing up to a 5 second dead time delay between switching. There is no "busy" indication from the mouse pointer. The mouse pointer moves, but any clicks will not take effect during the 5 second delay, then any mouse clicks quickly take effect in a cascade after the delay is over.

    Sometimes Klipper looses the <ctrl>C (copy) "test" text (Klipper still displays it its history) and refuses to <ctrl>V (paste) "test" any longer. When Klipper reaches this state a single <ctrl>C (copy) of "test" will cause the up to 5 second delay when switching.

    The delay is only noticeable if you immediately switch on the task bar. If I do the copies and simply wait at least 5 seconds before switching, there is no delay. So, the switching itself isn't the cause.

    I have reproduced this on PCs in a 32 bit 11.2 install and a 64 bit 11.2 install. Both installs are KDE 4.3.3 release 3 repos.

    Either this long delay shouldn't be happening or the mouse should at least do its busy indication thing and not act like everything is normal when it isn't.

    Can anyone else reproduce this?

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    Default Re: 11.2 and KDE w/ OpenOffice Writer and Klipper

    Bump - anyone at all?

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    Default Re: 11.2 and KDE w/ OpenOffice Writer and Klipper

    Similar to the problem reported in my new thread today.

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    Default Re: 11.2 and KDE w/ OpenOffice Writer and Klipper

    I have similar issue using and KDE in OpenSuse 11.2. I'm not using clipper. Any time I ctrl-c something in writer or calc switching windows, even between and other applications takes about 5 seconds.

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