I am planning to use SUSE as a main OS in my school's library computer room. This is the place where students can use the computers to browse the Internet as well as print their own work - most of which is in the MS Word/Excel format. They will be bringing in their work on their pendrives, opening it in OpenOffice and possibly wanting to edit it - and ooops, it's impossible, since all the documents will be read-only.

I've already had a problem removing the "read-only" setting from my other NTFS partition when I'm not logged in as root, so I expect more problems to come, as the simple operation of logging in as root and setting the "can view and modify the content" tag for all the users doesn't work at all, I either get an error message, or simply nothing. Although I have finally managed to make the NTFS partition writable by editing the fstab file, (dmask=002 instead of the default 022) it hasn't worked for for the individual files, therefore I still can't edit my WinWord documents stored on a NTFS partition; I expect the same problem will be with the students' files brought on the FAT-partitioned pendrives. Is there a permament, working and stable workaround for this?
Thank you.