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Thread: Logitech Orbit AF Webcam - Pan/Tilt

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    Question Logitech Orbit AF Webcam - Pan/Tilt

    My first post. Been lurking for a while and was able to figure most things out, but I am at the point with a couple things where I need some help. So anyway...

    I was having some issues with my old webcam and decided to just get a new one since my old cam was just that, old. Anyway, I went with a Logitech Orbit AF and it works as far as video goes but I can not figure out how to change the pan/tilt. I did not expect all the options of the cam to work but I figured I would at least be able to move the cam up since it is aiming at its lowest setting, which when using is around my chest. I have been searching around trying to find something that tells me what I need to do. From what I read, I think I need to change the settings of some functions called v4L2UpDownPan() and v4L2UpDownTilt() in luvcview, which I guess are in a file called v4l2uvc.c but I can not find that file. Is this what I need to do? Is that the file I need to change and if so, where is it? I just want to set it and leave it.

    Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

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    This is also MY first post.

    I just now stumbled upon a solution.

    First, I needed to find a program called uvcdynctrl. Checking UVC Webcams - openSUSE does not supply a repo for 11.2 yet, but I added the one for 11.1, namely ""

    I then added uvcdynctrl, which also added libwebcam0_1_1.

    After plugging and unplugging the camera, I started two terminal sessions. One running luvcview (whose pan/tilt controls do not appear to work) and the other to enter uvcdynctrl commands.

    The uvcdynctrl command syntax is rather ugly, but I found a web page with some descriptions of them at:

    Orbit AF and opensuse 10.3 - Installation guide

    Scan down to section 5 "uvcdynctrl controls".

    The document suggests that it may have to be run as root, but the following ran from a non-root terminal and panned the camera:

    uvcdynctrl -s "Pan (relative)" -- 100

    Hopefully this will allow you to re-angle your camera.

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    Default Re: Logitech Orbit AF Webcam - Pan/Tilt

    Thanks for the reply. I have since installed a different flavor of linux but of course have the same issue. This might still work though. I am always trying something different but usually end up coming back to SUSE. I will try this and see what happens.

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