Here at work, I have Mint 7 as primary system, and I wish to install Suse, but I also have windows as 1st partition, so my layout looks like this

Now, I do not need windows partition, so I had in mind to delete it and do:

0. kill current sda1 & sda2 (boot)
1. create sda1 ext2 /boot
2. create sda2 ext4 30 gb /
3. create sda3 swap
3. resize & move current sda3 (extended) to fill the gap
4. kill current sda5 & sda6
5. create backup partition of that empty space
6. resize current sda7 to use entire space.

Question: I do not care for any of those partitions, except current sda7, which is PRECIOUS /home. Will moving entire extended and resizing /home corrupt my data?