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    Trying to install the LIRC-mouse on SuSE 11.2. Lirc works fine but I cannot get the mouse going. The lircmd deamon is working, but when started this is the message:
    lircmd: unknown protocol IntelliMouse#015
    Also there is no mention or lircm in the Xorg.0.log - is this a problem - hal??

    Any help would be very much appreciated

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    Has anyone got a functioning LIRC-mouse?

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    I had been using Windows to edit lircmd.conf, thus creating Dos line endings (#015) rather than Unix line endings. Fixing that I now have a functioning LIRC-mouse on the Mandriva partition.

    On the SuSE partition I have the problem that /var/log/Xorg.0.log does not recognize the LIRC-mouse, i.e. the HAL proceedure has not functioned. Kernel problem?? Any suggestion?

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    Found a much easier way to get the Lirc-mouse working: Installed lirc 0.8.6-1.4 from the SuSE Factory, which supports uimput.

    Then applied as root:
    modeprobe uinput
    lircmd --uinput
    That all - the mousie is moving!

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