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Thread: KDEinit could not launch /usr/bin/kwrite

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    Default KDEinit could not launch /usr/bin/kwrite


    Today I got the following error when I was trying to edit smb.conf:
    "KDEinit could not launch /usr/bin/kwrite"
    did a quick search in that directory and the application is available.

    Another weird thing is that I then decided to right click: OPEN WITH OFFICE WRITER and nothing would happen. I can open the file by launching OW and then selecting to OPEN by manually pathing the location (The same can be said for kwrite).... just seems not right!

    I am assuming that it is a permission thing being in the /etc/samba, what is the fix?

    Thank you for your time
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    Default Re: KDEinit could not launch /usr/bin/kwrite

    To edit your file:

    user terminal do: kdesu kwrite /path-to/file

    OO issue is strange, not sure on that.
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