Hello everyone!

This problem is starting to make me insane, so I will ask here for help because I could not find anything that would help.

I installed openSUSE 11.2 with GNOME 2.28 on my DELL Inspiron 1720 notebook. KDE is installed as a fallback desktop.
When I use GDM as a display manager, my system gives a crazy beep when I try to shutdown or restart. There is actually NO ERROR, the system shutdowns fine and everything gets back up perfectly on reboot.

I googled a lot about that issue and found several "solutions", but none did work. Here is what I have done so far:
- Disable sounds and system sounds in GNOME
- Deinstall PulseAudio
- Set the volume for "PC Beep" to 0% in alsamixer
- Removed and blacklisted the kernel modules for the case speaker (snd_pcsp and pcspkr), I double-checked: They are no longer loaded

Because that all did not help, I switched display manager to KDM and guess what? The beep is gone. So it is an issue/feature of GDM. KDM works fine but I cannot shutdown from GNOME, I get logged off and then I need to shutdown from KDM. I know it should be this way and that's ok. I would like to get GDM back so I can normally shutdown the system WITHOUT the annoying beep, because it is so loud that half of my class falls from their chairs when it happens.

Any suggestions what to do?