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Thread: Virtual Box sound issues

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    Question Virtual Box sound issues

    Technical details:
    Open Suse 11.0 32bits
    Virtual Box version 3.0.12 with guestOS WinXP Sp2
    Sound is provided by ALSA

    The problem appears when starting the guest os :
    Error ID: HostAudioNotResponding
    Severity: Warning
    ... meaning that the guest OS has no sound.

    I know that Virtual Box make logs but i don`t know what to search in it. So i ask for your help i finding a solution.
    Installing Virtual Box from source may solve my problem? If so what are the steps for this type of install ?

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    Cool Re: Virtual Box sound issues

    I have the same issue.

    Host: XP
    Guest: OpenSUSE 11.2
    VBox: 3.0.12 r54655

    My sound host audio driver options are:
    -->Windows DirectSound*
    -->Null Audio Driver

    My Audio controller options are:
    -->ICH AC97*
    -->SoundBlaster 16

    * = defaults

    When OpenSUSE 11.2 boots I hear the login chime - same with shutdown. However, when I run amarok I get no sound. I'll keep trying...

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